Remote (Remote) Linux Support Analyst (15 views)

Our mission and culture

We are on a mission to provide more online anonymity to people worldwide. Join us on the journey!
Our core values are the following:

Excellence in everything we do (We go above and beyond!)
Ownership and responsibility (We own it)
Continuously push the limits (We don’t accept no as an answer. No is just an opinion)
Openness & Cooperation (Everyone matters)

Top 3 skills you need to have:

Excellent Linux experience and passion for Linux.
Excellent customer communication skills and love of helping customers
Excellent System Administration skills

Top personality/character traits you need to have:

Driven to go above and beyond for customers.
Hunger for learning and growing professionally.
Ability to be fully autonomous and pro-active for solving problems.

Job description

As a Linux Sys Admin at our company, you’ll get to build high-quality relationships with our clients that move the business forward, you will be helping out clients with their issues, and you’ll be able to create a big impact and help our company. You will be able to create technologies and help improve customers’ experience a lot!
You will be handling all customer issues that will be incoming as well as helping to maintain our whole server infrastructure through superior system administration.

Your responsibility will include (but not limited to)

Handling logs / any technical issues occurring in our infrastructure
Developing new installers/automation scripts when needed
Maintaining superior customer relationships and solving all of their technical problems
Testing all our products before they go to Prod
Maintaining our current server infrastructure so all servers will be in a healthy condition. Helping with the System Administration part of our whole infrastructure

Benefits of the position

100% Remote work!
Professional growth opportunities. We are a small company and you can touch many parts of the business and grow a lot and grow into other roles.
You can just focus on doing your work in an enjoyable way without being bothered by any unnecessary meetings.
Company swag
Emergency fund
Personal Development fund

Reached the end and still interested? Our hiring process would be including a few steps

Please use the word “torrenting” as the first word of your application. If you will not do it, we’ll ignore your application! We want to make sure you read the whole application.

Steps of the process could include the following:

A questionnaire we would be asking you to fill
Linux tests
Reading a book